Broadcasts: Screening | Kazunori Hamana and Yukiko Kuroda

Blum & Poe Broadcasts presents a series of videos sharing artists' anecdotes and narrations from behind the scenes. 


Produced in conjunction with an exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Kazunori Hamana alongside works made in collaboration with fellow artist Yukiko Kuroda, Blum & Poe Broadcasts presents a short film with footage from the artists’ home, studio, and organic rice farm.

Hamana collaborates with Kuroda on vessels that undergo the process of kintsugi (the art of repairing broken pottery). Both based in a rural village in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, Hamana and Kuroda pursue the principles of kintsugi—refusing waste and celebrating the act of recycling—in both their art practices and in the daily routines of their personal lives and philosophies.

Director: Noboru Murata; Camera / Editing: Tomoko Osada
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