Tokyo Gendai

July 7 – 9, 2023

For the inaugural edition of Tokyo Gendai, Blum & Poe is pleased to present a curated exemplar from its program emphasizing the strong roots in and relationship to the Japanese art world—a connection that the gallery has cultivated since its founding nearly thirty years ago. Works by esteemed Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, who first showed with Blum & Poe in Santa Monica in 1995, are exhibited alongside paintings by Ooido Syoujou, whose first solo exhibition with the gallery took place in Tokyo at the beginning of this year. Celebrating affiliations new and old, Blum & Poe further demonstrates its rich history and ongoing commitment to championing artists across the globe at all stages of their careers. 

Theodora Allen
Sonia Gomes
Ha Chong-hyun
Kazunori Hamana
Lonnie Holley
Yukie Ishikawa
Susumu Koshimizu
Tony Lewis
Eddie Martinez
Kazumi Nakamura
Yoshitomo Nara
Asuka Anastacia Ogawa
Kenjiro Okazaki
Ooido Syoujou
Anna Park
Lauren Quin
Umar Rashid
Kishio Suga
Alexander Tovborg
Yuji Ueda
Yukinori Yanagi
Zhu Jinshi
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