Alexander Tovborg: Dea Madonna

March 23, 2021

Alexander Tovborg: Dea Madonna

Video shot, directed, and edited by August Blum
Original score by CTM
Artwork by Alexander Tovborg

Produced on the occasion of Alexander Tovborg's exhibition Sacrificial Love at Blum & Poe, Los Angeles.

Shot on 16mm film at various locations in Los Angeles, including Marina Peninsula Beach, St. Augustine Church, and Oakwood playground, this film captures Alexander Tovborg’s work dea madonna (hydra in sunset) (2020) becoming part of nature and the cosmos and challenging the man-made linear history suggesting one that is cyclical and holistic.

In his new series Sacrificial Love, Tovborg continues his critical approach towards grand religious narratives, and reconstructs them through a personal and intimate story—the pregnancy of his partner, cellist Cæcilie Trier. Tovborg’s works draw a mystical circle in the exhibition space—one that is beyond time and space, initiating from the cycle of motherhood and eventually leading to an existential awareness that is both sensual and poetic.

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BLUM Los Angeles is closed for installation until Saturday, March 16.