Artnet News: 10 Must-See Gallery Shows in Los Angeles This Month, from Vintage Cindy Sherman Photographs to Sand-Inflected Abstractions

October 4, 2022

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In Los Angeles, the gallery calendar this season is packed with a healthy range of excellent work to see, from conceptual to social realist, from textile-based to figurative. There are two very different takes on studio portrait photography, as well as wide-ranging presentations by or devoted to beloved artists who’ve recently passed, plus a spate of galleries who are new in town (Karma, branching out from New York, and more to come). To get you oriented, Artnet News has compiled our top 10 picks below.

Yukie Ishikawa
Blum & Poe, through October 22

Yukie Ishikawa’s distinct style of painting is notable for its pointed deconstruction of Minimalism’s monochromes and tidy, right-angled grids, deploying curved and irregular lines in their place. Blum & Poe presents the latest in the Japanese artist’s “Impermanence” series, an ongoing body painted over previous works, sometimes adding sand to the paint for texture. Based on the ever-changing view outside her Hidaka City studio window, fine-lined grids form the ghostly abstractions of buildings that shape the urban landscape.

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