Artnet News: Matt Saunders

January 24, 2018

Naomi Rea

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Matt Saunders Merges Painting and Photo in New Ways, Yielding Images That Read Like Ghostly Transmissions—See Them Here
By: Naomi Rea

Show of the Day: "Poems of Our Climate" at Marian Goodman, London

What the Gallery Says: “In Poems of Our Climate, Saunders presents a series of new oil on chiffon paintings, copper-plate etchings and photographs, along with a large-scale animation installation. The exhibition largely represents Saunders’s continued interest in painting, exploring new techniques and manipulations of the medium. In his photography practice, Saunders uses a derivation of the photogram technique, a familiar and oft-used process for the artist. In this experimental and time-based image-making process, he passes light through the fabric of painted linen, thus creating an ‘exposure’ onto photographic paper.”

Why It's Worth a Look: The Berlin- and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based artist’s debut at Marian Goodman in London offers a chance to experience a version of a new, five-channel installation Saunders has installed last November across two galleries at the Saint Louis Art Museum (until February 2). But the wildly interesting and inventive new painting-photograms are worth a look all by themselves.

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