>BTWN< Kandis Williams Presents Eurydice | Blum & Poe, Los Angeles

August 17, 2019

Public programming that happens
between regularly scheduled shows

Kandis Williams Presents Eurydice

Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Saturday, August 17, 2019

Performance by Kandis Williams featuring movement by Josh Johnson and music by Patrick Belaga, and in dialog with Bracha L. Ettinger.

Kandis Williams, who is based in Los Angeles and Berlin, is known in equal parts for her work in collage and performance. Williams' ongoing Eurydice project confronts the crisis of metaphorical entanglements around the aesthetic and political intersections of loss and inspiration, the "coming into being of artistic gestures" of echo, form, and mimesis as instances of the formal gathering significant agential loss for the black subject. This full performance, stemming from a series of videos, collages, sculptures, and floral arrangements, investigates the relationship between "black identity" and "mainstream culture." The Greek myth of Eurydice is a vehicle for Williams' inquiry into the subjects of a racialized imagination and its subsequent logics, by staging a structured engagement of blackness and spectacle within a mythic pre-Socratic configuration of the underworld. This installment will follow Orpheus from his loss of Eurydice into the hands of the Maenads.

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