T Magazine: Eddie Martinez Defers to the Desires of His Paints

October 6, 2023

Phoebe Chen

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In the artist Eddie Martinez’s dense, polychrome paintings, each mark is haunted by the gesture that made it and each color seems to demand its own verb: The thick gray drips; a bright red streak declares; a daub of blue hesitates. Even white pigment, which has frequently appeared in Martinez’s pieces since his 2018 “White Out” series, has a charged presence, boldly countering a base painting or washed thinly across the canvas so that the ghost of an underlying color peeks through. His teeming works seem, on the one hand, to be urgently composed, but the carefully accrued coats of paint—sprayed, silk-screened or directly applied from pigment sticks—also point to an artist who knows how to surrender to the pace set by his materials. 

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