Shondaland: Los Angeles’ Most Exciting Art Exhibits by Artists of Color

May 31, 2023

Sharmin Rahman

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Los Angeles’ beautiful diversity is reflected by the various exhibitions by artists in the city’s museums and galleries. From serene paintings to somatic installations, these artistic gems celebrate unique experiences, reflections, and approaches. 

Since exhibits are on display for only a short time, Shondaland has compiled a guide for you of five exhibits worth checking out this spring and summer. 

Handwriting on the Wall by Thornton Dial
Blum & Poe
Through June 10 

Thornton Dial, a native of Emelle, Alabama, was a significant contemporary artist. His artwork highlighted his experience as a Black person in the South, along with his various trades and professions—from picking cotton at age 5 to making train cars for 30 years. Exploring Dial’s artwork is the equivalent of delving into an inclusive and complex version of American history through the eyes of someone who’s witnessed and experienced the human condition in many landscapes. Dial’s work reflects themes of the Great Migration, the civil rights movement, the election of the first Black president, and beyond. He has diverse artistic creations, but his drawings focus on women and their intricate roles as sources of power and love. His grandmother and great-aunt raised him, and their influence on his life and art was profound and enduring. Dial’s exhibit at Blum & Poe is something you don’t want to miss. 

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