Solange Pessoa | Art Basel Parcours, Basel, Switzerland

September 20 – 26, 2021

Blum & Poe and Mendes Wood DM are pleased to present an exhibition by Solange Pessoa at Art Basel Parcours.

Pessoa’s work stands out for its density and abundance, the sensations of organic compound flush with the pulsations of life, or, subdued in the calm of death. The artist is immersed in a primordial aesthetic and practice accessed through obsessive stone carving and shaping, and symbolic, monochrome depictions related to the human, plant and animal kingdoms. Her work exists in a singular and subversive realm of contemporary art, at once speaking both to universality and strangeness.

Of the work for Parcours, Pessoa writes, “the installation developed ‘mentally’ over several years, through studies, models, observations and documentation from the processes of duration and transformation of the grapes, which over time becomes its very essence, in transubstantiation of matter… Body, time and space, matter and spirit, light and shadow, life and death are issues that the installation presents in its physical, temporal and symbolic intensity.”

The 12th edition of Parcours will feature 20 site-specific installations and performances throughout the city center. Once again curated by Samuel Leuenberger, founder of the non-profit exhibition space SALTS in Birsfelden, Switzerland, the 2021 edition will take place across civic and private spaces, as well as new venues, under the theme “Can We Find Happiness Together Again?”

Parcours is free and open to the public.

Open hours:
Monday, September 20, 1pm – 8pm
Tuesday, September 21 to Saturday, September 25, 10am – 8pm
Sunday, September 26, 10am – 7pm

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