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Florian Maier-Aichen

German photographer Florian Maier-Aichen (born 1973) recontextualizes the Romantic Sublime of Caspar David Friedrich to account for our contemporary sense of what sublimity in landscape might be, using a fascinating and unusual combination of traditional photographic techniques and computer imaging. This monograph offers an introduction to Maier-Aichen's restless search for the Sublime, in recent images of the Californian coast and other landscapes, where swooping, serene, black-and-white aerial shots of mountainous regions sit alongside digital manipulations that add intense, hallucinatory color to natural effects. These photographs were first shown at PHotoEspana 2008 in Madrid, and are published here for the first time. With essays by curator Sergio Mah and critic Christy Lange.

Physical description: 
Softcover, 72 pages
Madrid: La Fabrica, 2009
ISBN: 9788492498451

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