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Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art, Vol. 2

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Completing the two-volume set, Souls Grown Deep, Vol. 2 takes the visual and historical presentation of the first volume to a richer level, offering an even broader array of artistic styles and media. Published in 2000, the first volume explored the diverse historical roots of the genre and introduced artists whose work recalled the South of the pre–civil rights era. This sequel brings the movement into the present, delving into the work of the current generation of artists who are creating a rich and complex form of contemporary art. 

Breaking away from the stereotypes that identity folk art and the South with rural, isolated, static, and agrarian ways of life, these pages unveil an art that embodies social change and continues to flourish at the dawn of a new century. Sure to challenge assumptions about art and American society, Souls Grown Deep is an indispensable resource for general readers and students interested in folk art, contemporary art, the South, African American culture, and American civilization. 

Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art, Vol. 1 available here

Physical description:
Hardcover, 612 pages
Atlanta: Tinwood Books, 2001
ISBN: 096537663X
11 x 13 inches

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